Best top 10 WhatsApp tracker apps for Android 

Best top 10 WhatsApp tracker apps for Android 

Best top 10 WhatsApp tracker apps for Android

In this article, we will discuss Best top 10 Whatsapp tracker Apps for Android. Inquiring minds want to know about WhatsApp tracker programs that allow you to watch someone’s position in real-time and read their WhatsApp messages. To help you keep tabs on your loved ones, we’ve compiled a selection of the top Android WhatsApp Tracker Apps. 

Text or call someone right away and for free using this app. Although the app has several advantages, it also has the potential to provide privacy and cybersecurity problems. Listed below are the most OK WhatsApp spy applications that enable you to monitor real-time.

Why do we need Whatsapp Tracker apps for Android?

To keep tabs on your kid or employee, you may use Best top 10 WhatsApp tracker apps for Android tool to check their contact list. You may also use these applications to keep tabs on what your children and staff say in a chat room. Thanks to these apps, you’ll be able to see where your children and workers are even if they don’t know they are being tracked.

One way to find out who someone is chatting with on WhatsApp, how frequently they use the app, and even where they are is to monitor their phone. With the help of WhatsApptracking applications, it is possible to follow the whereabouts of a person using GPS.

Benefits of Using Best Top 10 WhatsApp Ttracker Apps for Android

Instant messaging program Whatsapp is well-known around the globe for Android phones. It’s common for parents, spouses, workers, and others to want to monitor the activities of their loved ones on WhatsApp. You may use the WhatsApp tracker to find out whether someone is using the app at a particular moment. 

It doesn’t matter where your connections reside or where they activated their account; with some effective tracker programs, you can receive all the information you need on any communications sent between you and your contacts. You’ve got nothing to lose. Make your life easy by downloading these top WhatsApp tracker applications right now!


mSpy is one of several WhatsApp trackers available, but it’s our top pick. It’s simple, dependable, and provides a slew of extras that other applications don’t have. iPhone and Blackberry users may also use the software. mSpy is an attractive option if you want to spy on someone’s WhatsApp chats. Please find out more about its capabilities by visiting this page.

To get WhatsApp data, a user would need to have root access. Aside from that, WhatsApp records conversations in an encrypted format on your phone. You can only access timestamps and message lengths if you don’t have root access, which is a valuable feature!


uMobix is another useful software for monitoring WhatsAppactivity. A unique feature of uMobix enables you to view your partner’s messages, even those sent, received, and erased. If your partner is a secretive type, this is a great way to keep things calm in your relationship. uMobix’s straightforward user interface makes it easy even for first-time users to utilize the app.

Use uMobix, and you’ll find it a breeze. Do not be concerned with the difficulty of this procedure since you will never have to go through it again. Just scroll down and input your partner’s phone number to receive a list of their phone number’s contacts. The only thing you need to do is begin recording all of your phone calls and text messages. You don’t have to perform any logging since the software handles it all for you.


Even though Clevguard offers a specialized WhatsAppsurveillance software, the program doesn’t make it into our top three spy applications for WhatsApp for a particular reason; Clevguard’s app tracker for WhatsApp seems too good to be true, even with its abundance of monitoring capabilities. 

According to Clevguard, their website hasn’t been updated in a while, or they lack openness since they promise to provide all of WhatsApp surveillance functions without rooting. A separate Clevguard app is only available on Android 11, and iOS has a limited set of WhatsApp features. However, we’d be interested in reviewing our current status on the app after we’ve had a chance to test it out.


How to Check WhatsApp Chats History and Details

FlexiSPY is an excellent tracking and monitoring tool. It has been intended to meet your unique demands for monitoring and regulating an Android phone’s activities. Messages sent and received using instant messaging services like WhatsApp are included. While not in use, you may monitor your kid or employee’s mobile device activity using this app. 

Despite the $30 monthly fee, the solution is worth the money since it allows you complete access to all workers’ actions without their knowledge. It is completely undetectable, so there is no way for them to suspect anything strange is going on.

It’s easy to eavesdrop on WhatsApp messages, locations, and phone conversations using MobileSpy. ‘s nifty spy tool. An online dialogue log is available, as well. More than 42 different real-time monitoring features are included. It does not affect the device, so your target will not realize that they are being spied on. 

That’s not all: You can also see who they’re interacting with online, which means you can check out their social media accounts. It’s easy to use social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Family Tracker

Family Tracker is one of our favorite WhatsApp tracker applications if you’re trying to keep tabs on a youngster or an older family member. You may set up individual safe zones for each of your contacts, so you can rest easy knowing that no one will be able to go out of your authorized region. Geofencingallows you to design custom maps to limit group conversations depending on location, while private mode keeps your messages private to those in the group chat. The software costs $1.9, but iOS and Android users may get a free month of access via the browser extension.


You may use it on any smartphone to keep tabs on WhatsAppactivities. WhatsApp group conversations may also be accessed using this capability, which is very useful for those who want to spy on many people at once. In addition to looking at the images, movies, and audio files, you may also listen to them. You’ll be able to see and download them from a distance.

You don’t need to root or jailbreak the phone to spy on another person’s WhatsApp. WhatsApp conversation and multimedia monitoring on Android are supported; however, only the iPhone version is available. Spyzie has difficulty since it doesn’t support the Ultimate Edition of the official WhatsApp surveillance tool, which costs money. In addition, it doesn’t work with iOS 15.


For parental supervision, Hoverwatch comes with the ability to snoop on WhatsApp. Hoverwatch, on the other hand, didn’t make it into our top 12 WhatsApp surveillance tools for 2022 because of its popular features and high retail price. Their website, including their online dashboard, is very pleasing. The finest WhatsApp tracker will have a well-designed control panel, whereas a bad one will not. Hoverwatch falls halfway in the center, in our opinion. There isn’t much more than the ability to monitor WhatsApp conversations and phone history.


Cocospy is a spy WhatsApp software that doesn’t care whether you like it. It accomplishes the job of monitoring WhatsAppmessages efficiently. Among Cocospy WhatsApp spy’s best features is its user-friendly web dashboard. As well as lacking a no-root Android version, Cocospy has other fundamental flaws, such as only allowing access to WhatsApp images.


GuestSpy is an easy-to-use spyware program for keeping tabs on children and employees, and it even works with WhatsApp. It offers WhatsApp surveillance in addition to standard espionage functions. This app gives you access to all of your WhatsAppchats, including the names and phone numbers of the people you’ve spoken with. WhatsApp also lets you see and hear audio and video files and images that have been shared with the app. The features seem lovely, but they can only be used on jailbroken or rooted smartphones to snoop on WhatsApp. Also, it does not work with the most recent versions of Android and iOS.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed Best top 10 WhatsApp tracker apps for Android.

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