Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher Apk is an Android app. This is a free tool category app. This is a top-rated application and it will not let you get bored download it and have fun. It has more than two billion users. You will also find enough information about this app on our website and how to download it for free.

Which can make multiple apps a mode and games, block ads, Delete unwanted system apps, backup apps before and after editing, move apps to SD cards.

, Can revoke license verification from paid apps and games. We have enough versions of the iOS, Ipad, on iPhone, too And there is also a video tutorial.

There are many features you can plan and download

NameLucky Patcher
Current Version8.5.7
Size7.25 MB
CategoryFree Tools App
Total Downloads2 Billion +
RequirementAndroid 4.0+
Released OnOctober 03, 2019

We do not want you to have any problems downloading. We want you to read it first and then it is important.

A virus or a malicious app, Yes it’s true this app is not malware. To hide it disable “Play Protect” on Play Store. You will find the original app on our website. We’ve created an installer for you that will make it easy for you.

You will find the download link below Read the full article and download it below.


How To Install And Download Lucky Patcher App

5. Try to find your install button. Now we can click the start button and wait for it to happen

6. Congratulations you installed this app very well

7. Now open and uninstall the LP installer app

Learn more about the app

How To Fix “App Not Installed” Problem:

There may be a mistake about the app being uninstalled or the installation block for security reasons. If this is a mistake, you to disable “Play Protect” from the Play Store app. We have a solution to know:

Open the Play Store and click the menu protect

Turn it off now”Scan Tool for Security Threats” by clicking on the toggle.

Now confirm this by pressing the “OK”

Now try to install Lucky Pitcher again. I hope you have successfully installed it.

How To Use

Download Lucky Patcher

If you would like to download the Old Version, visit this link :

Old Version

Removing Ads:

You can also remove ads if you use this app while using any app or playing your favourite game that annoys you. Sometimes those ads annoy you so much that you lose interest in playing a game or using the app. Ads on header banners and popup ads are even more disappointing.

You can end these ads by clicking a few buttons. By the way, this app usually protects against the mess of false advertising Just download the Lucky Pitcher app on your Android and get rid of the confinement of ads.

Get coins & Gems:

This app will also give you the opportunity to get unlimited coins, money, gems, letters, weapons, that you can use. Need to buy Greedy game developers don’t have to waste your precious money, In some clicks, you will need you’ll have to get whatever you want.

Get Paid Apps Without Billing:

this app the complicated users’ Google billing page will be ignored. This way the user will be able to buy paid apps for free. Our app developer also released a modified Play Store app to ignore the licensing verification of many android apps and games.

Requirements And install Lucky Patcher APK:

this app is an innovative tool for Android. So, you need to be sure of the app’s needs. When your device meets the installation requirements, you will get the best feature of this app and the best results.

Why This App Not In Google Play Store?

Because this tool helps drum android app buy and remove ads which makes app developers less profitable.

On the other hand, it is also a cracking tool. Therefore, the app is not available on the Play Store. You don’t have to worry at all because you are downloading from a good and generic website.

Note: You should only download the APK from the official website to protect your device from malware or viruses. If you are using Lucky from an unofficial website, Dangerous use.

Lucky Patcher For iOS and iPhone Download

This is a very popular app for hacking apps and games, removing app permissions, removing stock or system apps and more. Many websites and pages can claim that Lucky Pitcher is also available for iPhone or iOS devices, but it is completely fake.

In the future, if we luckily release an iOS version of the app, we will upload it to our website. this app is currently available for Android only and we have no plans to release any version for iOS and iPhone devices at this time.

Lucky Patcher Apk Features :

  • Edit apps to block or remove ads from the app.
  • Hack many games, unlock features, gems, unlimited lives and more with the Lucky Pitcher app.
  • Uninstall unwanted systems or stock apps.
  • Remove unwanted app permissions from untrusted apps.
  • Apps and games with backup patches.
    Regularly back up android apps and games to your SD card.
  • Easily this app can validate licenses of premium apps and games and prevent in-app purchases.

lucky patcher custom patches

You can browse the custom patch from our site and import it directly into it. You need to click on the download button of your desired custom patch (LPZIP). Then open the file with. This LP ZIP file will automatically import. Then restart the screwed-up app.

step2: Import custom patch downloads (LP zip format) on this app:

You can download custom patches (LPzip) to your smartphone. Then go to the file manager and click on the downloaded file and open with Lucky Pitcher. This will import custom patches. Then restart the lucky patch.

step 3: Import the custom (zip format) custom patch on this app

You can also import custom patches (from a zip file) manually. All you have to do is extract the custom patch (zip) file and then copy the required files to the destination folder.

Download Lucky Patcher For Android Oreo


So most of them will doubt whether it would be easy to connect to an Android device without the help of a computer or a laptop, we’ve written a tutorial post on it and you can

read it here:

on your Android Root Mobile / Tablet Without a computer or PC and after finishing the root removal process, you can flash Super SU using Custom Recovery and you can easily do so by following this guide: Using TWRP Recovery Root Flash Super SU and any Android device oreo.

Lucky Patcher Reddit

Lucky Patcher Download Reddit By the way, you will all know that Reddit is a great social platform. There are also enough Android games and Android applications that people link and share with social. You can search the name of this app in the Reddit Social account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions by Lucky Patcher Apk users.

3. Can Lucky Patcher Hack Lot The Games?

Answer: No, this app one can’t hack every game. Many popular games these days are internet-based and use their servers. Therefore, most online games cannot be hacked.

7. Is Using This app Illegal?


Answer: Lucky Patcher is harmful to other apps and game developers as it can reduce their revenue. If there are some government rules, then the use of Lucky Pitcher may be illegal in some countries. However, you can use a lucky pitcher without worry.
But distributing apps or games with any patches is illegal. If you’re an honest person and don’t want to harm app developers, you should avoid it.


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