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PubG Mobile has recorded 100 million downloads in a single year to gauge its popularity. This is not a free-action game. Nowadays everyone enjoys this game. Most people don’t want easy things, and they always try to do something interesting and new. So download PUBG Mod APK, before you choose the best PUBG name for it so that your PUBG profile looks very different.

Before PUBG Mod APK, you should first know all about it and how it works below. We are sharing all the features of it. Keep reading this article and learn about it!


This one is amazing, it means if you have PUBG Mod APK download on your phone then you can get Unlimited Health, Unlimited Money, Unlimited UC, and everything.

PUBG mobile is a heavy game. Most of the latest updates are 1.7GB+ updates and your phone must be using Android 5.1.1 or a newer version of android to run this game. And you also need 2GB RAM and over 4GB of free space on your phone’s main storage.

Normally PUBG mobile app comes with all the components this game offers, both new and pro players get the same server to choose from the toughness of the game depending on your level in the game.

Some smart guys join new players in their team to get easy kills and win the game. It is difficult to win the battle. The PUBG Mod provides you a great advantage against all the pro players and beginner players. It is a rework version of the PUBG mobile app and it enables all the in-demand hacks.

Pubg Mobile MOD Specifications

Size47MB APK
Mod informationWall Hack & Unlimited UC
Last Update02/04/2021

PUBG Modes

  1. Solo
  2. Duo
  3. Squad

When you play PUBG you will enjoy all their wonderful ways. This is a shooting game. The game in which 100 players drop the plane and move to different places. In this game, every player can survive and win in the end.
Once you collide with other athletes, your health will decline if you do not use a health kit or medical kit. And second, you have to be prepared to go further in the war.

You are knocked by someone so you can call your friends to resurrect. And join the fight, but if you can play solo mode, you have no one to resurrect you.

Features of PUBG MOD APK

I will now talk separately about all the terms of the mode and its details. It provides better information on PUBG mobile hacks or PUBG fraud. So let’s get started:

  • Wall hack
  • Aim bot
  • Unlimited UC
  • No recoil
  • Unlimited BP
  • Unlocking of PUBG skin
  • No fog within the game
  • Rapid fire ability
  • Anti-ban
  • Unlimited health
  • Flying car
  • Amazing Graphic and HD audio quality
  • Everything Unlock including character
  • Free Rank Purchase
  • High Perfection Damage Using Aim bot feature
  • Auto Health
  • No Root Required
  • No Root
  • No Time Limit
  • Wall hack

The PUBG app feature allows the player to see the enemy through walls or other objects such as cars, trees, etc. It also helps beginner players locate their target enemy on the map. Wall hacking means seeing the enemy across the wall. With this feature, you can kill your enemies very easily.

This is the most beneficial feature for every player. However, using Wall Hack, the player has to play it carefully so as not to try to shoot the enemy across the wall as such a case and the player may know that he is using the hack. And can get reports from other players to use the alternative hacks.

Aim Bot

Have you ever had a hard time hitting your enemy and shooting him when your goal is to knock your player out? If you are having this problem then you are not alone.

APK aimbot is a feature of video games. Automatic shooting is done to attack the target enemies. Automatically spots enemies and kills them. But don’t shoot behind a wall or a building. And the Mod aim bot can’t use grenades and other weapons. It can only work for guns.

This objective boot feature helps you to hit any enemy directly without injuring you. He has been a pro player. Pro players have spent more than a year, many months, mastering.

Download PUBG mode and get the objective boot feature that allows you to shoot without hitting the enemy. Our hack works like a real human player because it will not hit the enemy if it is behind a wall or tree, car. That is why it will not give any weak signal to other players so that you are at risk of any report.

Unlimited UC

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle game. In this game, you get amazing supplies. Millions of PUBG players have to buy a royal passes in this game just to get outfits, Weapons, Skills, and a better gaming experience.
The most expected features of PUBG mobile hacks are unlimited UC. All player wants free unlimited cash. Everyone to get the new outfit, Gun skins, Car skins, etc. With this amazing feature, you can get unlimited cash. Use them to purchase all your favorite skins.

But this PUBG MOD APK in which you get unlimited cash, unlocks all paid clothing to earn battle points and you get numerous weapon skins and other resources. So you get all the benefits of Royal Pass without having to buy it. I know that not all players can buy a royal pass. So I introduced this feature.

No Recoil

The most popular guns in PUBG are M249, AKM, M762, SKS, M416 etc. When you shoot, all these guns retreat. You cannot shoot an enemy in auto mode when the enemy is at a maximum distance of 150m + to 200m +. Try hard to kill the enemy.

The PUBG hacked version makes the return of all guns almost zero. Aim at your enemy and only shoot. And your bullets will hit the target. Pro players may not have such amazing recall control, but you can get it with this model.

Unlimited BP

Battle Point is one of the most popular currencies used in this game. When you play a match and earn points in this battle. And the amount of battle points depends on the number of casualties and how long you can survive in this match.

PUBG Mod APK in which you will get unlimited battle points. Just imagine that you have unlimited battle points so you can buy the skins you want. The game will definitely get better, you can improve your skills as your favorite skin.
Athletes can use BattlePoint currency to improve their hair color, skin color, and clothing. PUBG hack version in which you can use unlimited battle points.


This feature is very important in this application. First of all, let me tell you that Antiban is a blocking process where PUBG developers hack your account after reporting an enemy. You can use many hacks without any hassle. But after any new update in PUBG app, don’t use any hack while waiting for our Mod APK before blocking your PUBG account for many years.
So you can enjoy this amazing game without thinking about the ban. Enjoy this anti-ban. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes.

No Root

The main feature is that it does not have root element. You may not install or uninstall any apps or software on your iPhone, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones that prevent users from installing and downloading uncertain programs. This is the most amazing feature of this hacked version of the app. If you can root your phone, it can attack your phone and other apps. This can cause problems with running apps while your phone hangs.

Ads-Free Account

In this MOD of the app, you don’t have to worry about annoying ads. Because it is ad-free, you can enjoy this game without interfering with annoying ads.

Unlocking PUBG mobile skins

In which open the skins of weapons and the skins of clothes.

Weapons Skins

  • Shark Bite-KAR98k
  • The Olive Branch-Pan
  • Gold Plate-S686
  • Glory-AKM Shark Bite-M16A4
  • Glory-UMP4
  • Gold Plate-S12K

Clothes Skins

  • School Skirt
  • Cloth Mask(Checkered)
  • Zest Checkered Skirt
  • Plated Mini Skirt
  • Cloth Mask(Leopard)
  • Military Skirt(Black)
  • Mini-Skirt(Purple)

Auto Health 

This feature is also amazing. In PUBG, if someone tries to kill you, you get shot in the head. So you will be killed and no comrade or friend will come to save you. But in this mode, you get unlimited health. You will never die in this game.

Flying Car

You may have seen some PUBG hackers on Facebook and YouTube videos. In fact, they buy PUBG hexes for jumping on buildings and flying cars and bikes.

If you run PUBG MOD APK, you can fly in it. This feature is free for everyone. You can cross containers like buildings, schools and many other things in one go. You will enjoy it. But keep in mind that the higher you jump, the more damage you will do when you land.

No Time Damage

We can’t play PUBG game for six hours straight. Because the ID will be blocked 24 hours. But you can play in PUBG MOD APK which has no time limit and you can play it as long as you want. The time limit is clear in this version.

PUBG Mobile MOD Download and Installation Guide

The installation process little tricky. But I always said, installation and downloading of any file is a very easy task. If you know how to install an APK file across with the OBB. Then you will easily install it.

Below I had written the steps of installation and downloading. So carefully follow these steps and successfully install this game on your phone.

Step 1

First of all, download the Mod APK file and also the date file. You can check the link.

Step 2

Once install the app. If not run the app so you can check the installation and PUBG Mod APK download file and data file.

Step 3

You PUBG mobile Mod APK and OBB file. After this one file manager and extract the OBB zip file and you see a folder labeled as TENCENT so the OBB data can paste it.

Step 4

the last step, Now open your game and enjoy the PUBG hack version.

Final Verdict

We all know about PUBG Mobile Mode APK which is popular all over the world because of how awesome it is. This is a shooting game. 100 players play this game on the battlefield and I talked about this game above. There are three modes of solo, duo, and squad available. And all the players hit each other.

The player who stays until the end will win.
The user is provided with many weapons and cars, bikes which help them to avoid their enemies and kill them. Unlimited features of this PUBG Mod APK also include gun skins, clothing skins, and audio chat features.
If you have a problem downloading, I can fix your problem. Share this game with your friends if you want them to play PUBG Mobile Mod APK.

General FAQs

Is this a PUBG hack version?

Yes, this is a hack version of the PUBG cracked APK. And this version is better than the other version. Because in which many features like unlimited UC and many other things.

How can I get unlimited UC in PUBG MOD APK?

Yes, you can download and install the Mod APK file and then you will get Unknown cash. You can use these UCs and get your favorite clothes, skins.

Is it secure to download and installation in my android phone?

Yes, your android phone is secure and safe and it is hundred percent free to download.

Any root is required to install this mod?

No, root is not required. This can install it without root.

Is this MOD Anti-ban?

I’m not sure, but you read that right, everyone knows that PUBG is a million + company and they want to keep their game safe from hackers. Every day PUBG Creator launches an anti-hack edit that blocks hackers’ accounts.
An anti-ban can protect you for a maximum of 9 to 10 matches then after PUBG the server will catch your hacking and block your account for 10 years. So I suggest you play with Mod APK with Guest ID.

Is this Mod APK for iOS?

No, this Mod APK is for Android devices only. But it is also available for iOS. You can download the Tutu app on iOS devices. The Tutu app is third party and is available on your iOS Store. This app is a hacked and modified application for iOS. And the one that doesn’t need a root.

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